SPAL’s range of Sealed Brushless motors (12V: 300W - 500W, 24V: 300W - 850W) applied to our axial fans and centrifugal blowers are ideal for engine and oil cooling, HVAC and auxiliary cooling applications. In addition, a 40W (12V & 24V) SBL motor was recently introduced into the marketplace.

Developed and designed with cutting edge technology, high energy ferrite magnets (rare earth magnets available upon request), and a state-of-the-art sine wave sensorless drive, our SBL motors reach an impressive 82%+ electrical efficiency, placing them among the most efficient motors available.

This is further enhanced by the use of dedicated high-performance fan designs that optimize fluid dynamic performance. The result is high air-side performance at minimum electrical load.  SBL motors are fully sealed to be IP68 and IP6K9K compliant, and can operate in the presence of many aggressive or hazardous substances making them ideal for high debris environments.

SPAL SBL motors feature integrated power and control electronics are completely separated within the motor to ensure the control electronics operate at lower surface temperature levels.  The result increases durability and overall product reliability. SBL motors include double-sealed ball bearings, guaranteeing an impressive product life of 30,000 hours and up (product life varies based on working conditions).