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1. In order to maximize product life, the power supply must be rectified and stabilized with residual RIPPLE values of less than 1%. Higher RIPPLE values will considerably reduce motor life and cause anomalous operation. In case of applications where higher RIPPLE values are expected, please contact SPAL at

2. When using a SPAL fan in a rooftop condenser or similar application, and the fan is being mounted in a horizontal position with the fan motor facing skyward, a fan blade with drain holes in the blade hub should be used for water drainage purposes.

3. For proper protection of the fan assembly, use an external fuse correctly rated for every installed fan in order to interrupt the power supply in case of accidental blockage or electrical overload. This is an indispensable protection for wire harness and motor.

4. For fan assemblies driven by an electronic speed control (linear, PWM or any other external speed control), ensure that the external power supply will be interrupted in the event of an overload condition, such as partial or total blockage of the fan blade’s free rotational spinning.

5. We recommend to use electronic speed control to increase the fan assembly protection level. Please, note that the electronic controls must be compatible to our products. Contact SPAL at for additional information.

6. For fan assemblies with open (vented) motors, it is solely the customer’s responsibility to verify that the fan assembly is suitable for use in the specific environmental conditions of the application. Contact SPAL at for additional information.

7. It is solely the customer's responsibility to verify that the selected product suits the technical requirements and working conditions according to its own specifications and application. In case of customer specific requests, contact SPAL to recommend the best possible solutions. However, SPAL will not provide a declaration or guarantee regarding the suitability of the selected item. Full responsibility and liability remains with the customer.

8. For product updates, please visit

9. Never use fan assemblies in flammable, combustible environments.

10. When interfacing a wire harness or any electrical device to SPAL products, ensure industry best
practices are adhered to in its design, construction, and installation. These best practices include, but are not limited to, the following –

• The use of GXL type or equivalent grade of wire

• Interfacing harness conductors (wires, insulation) properly sized for the maximum ampacity of the application, temperature, and environment

• Proper covering over the entire interface harness run length. This can be convoluted conduit, braided sleeving, jacketed cable, or similar covering

• Proper securing, routing and locating of the interface harness to prevent and avoid scraping, rubbing, and other possible wearing of the wiring that may result in a short circuit

WARNING:  Failure to strictly follow these guidelines and apply best practices may cause the product to fail, result in fire, and/or cause severe personal injury or death.  

Please contact SPAL with any questions regarding correct operation of our brushed axial fans at, main phone(800)354-0327, or our tech department (800)454-7725.
Fans and blowers are warrantied for 3 years (36 months) from the date of manufacture. Power window kits, power door lock kits and other 12V accessories are warrantied for 2 years (24 months) from the date of manufacture. Please be advised we do not mail hard copies of invoices.

SPAL warrants our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following periods of time from date of sale to the original purchaser. This warranty does not apply to any product damaged by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, improper line voltage, fire, flood, lightning or other acts of God, or if the product was altered
or repaired by anyone other than SPAL.  Any returned out of date product will be disposed of 30 days after receipt unless instructed otherwise.

SPAL USA will not accept any returns without a return merchandise authorization number.  Returns must be clearly marked with the RMA # on the outside of the box and a copy of this RMA form must be included with the shipment.  The RMA form can be downloaded here (file will open in a new window).

Any return without a proper RMA# on the box may be refused. Return Authorizations are valid for 30 days (but not limited to) from the date of issuance. SPAL USA reserves the right to replace items of the same value or equivalency, if returned items are no longer available or have been discontinued. Standard return processing time from date of receipt is 15 working days. If the product returned is not SPAL’s, or is not covered by warranty, you will be notified as to your options.  Any product left unclaimed for a period of 30 days will be discarded.

All non-defective returned products may be charged a 25% RESTOCKING FEE and must have been purchased within the last 30 days. These items must be in perfect saleable condition or credit may not be given. All defective items can be either replaced or credited.  Please fill out this form as to which you prefer. Damage in shipping will VOID your warranty. SPAL USA is not responsible for items received damaged. Please only send the defective part(s) in question.  Do not include all parts and/or accessories.  Credit/replacement will only be extended to the warranty part(s) in question.

You can identify which motor (A or B) you have by locating either an "A" or "B" on the motor in the location highlighted in the image below. Please note that the silver dot in the image has been added to highlight the letters and will not be on your motor.

Because date of manufacture identification varies on fans and blowers, we ask that you contact our technical support line at (800) 454-7725 to help determine the manufacture date of your fan or blower.

Power Door Lock Kits:

Power Window Kits:

If you are an authorized SPAL dealer, you may call our tech department at (800) 454-7725 and request a Return Authorization number. No returns are accepted without prior authorization.
The form can be found here or by clicking the PDF icon below.  Please complete and fax back to us at (800) 654-7725.

The short answer is no. Every fan SPAL manufacturers is individually balanced three times during the production process. Once a component (blade, shroud or motor) is damaged, it cannot be replaced and maintain the high level of performance and efficiency expected of SPAL products.
Yes, we do. Both UPS and LTL carriers can deliver overnight to all locations in the continental U.S. Two day and three day service is available as well.
In the fan VA number, the letter "A" or "S" identifies if a fan is a "pusher" or "puller" fan.  "A" = Puller and "S" = Pusher.  For instance, the 16" (30100357) fan VA number is "VA18-BP10/C-41S" indicating it is a "Pusher" fan model.  
• Radiator core size (the size of the radiator inside the tanks where the cooling tubes and fins are located.) This space determines the diameter of the fan.

• Space required for a cooling fan. Our High Performance cooling fans require 3.5-4.5-inches in depth (from the radiator core to the fan motor cap). This distance may be shorter if the cooling fan can be offset on the Radiator to clear the water pump.

• Radiator material and number of cores. An aluminum radiator is more efficient than a copper radiator. If a shroud is utilized: For the most efficient system a shroud should be utilized. The shroud forces the fan to pull air across the entire radiator core area, opposed to a fan without a shroud that pulls air only across the diameter of the fan.Radiator core size (the size of the radiator inside the tanks where the cooling tubes and fins are located.) This space determines the diameter of the fan.
We offer several different fan mounting feet.  For different options, please see our "Fan Accessories".
Both our Standard and Deluxe window kits are designed to fit almost every production vehicle since 1930.

Note - 2005 Dodge pickup trucks require the use of primary gear #13
Yes, simply provide a ground pulse to the Purple wire of your central door locking system to lock the doors. Supply a ground pulse to the Brown wire to unlock the doors