Warranties only valid on product purchased directly from SPAL or an authorized SPAL distributor.  Please return product directly to the point of purchase.

SPAL warrants our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following periods of time from date of sale to the original purchaser. This warranty does not apply to any product damaged by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, improper line voltage, fire, flood, lightning or other acts of God, or if the product was altered or repaired by anyone other than SPAL.  Any returned out of date product will be disposed of 30 days after receipt unless instructed otherwise.

SPAL USA reserves the right to replace items of the same value or equivalency, if returned items are no longer available or have been discontinued. Standard return processing time from date of receipt is 15 working days. If the product returned is not SPAL’s, or is not covered by warranty, you will be notified as to your options.  Any product left unclaimed for a period of 30 days will be discarded.

All non-defective returned products may be charged a 25% RESTOCKING FEE and must have been purchased within the last 30 days. These items must be in perfect saleable condition or credit may not be given. All defective items can be either replaced or credited. Damage in shipping will VOID your warranty. SPAL USA is not responsible for items received damaged. Please only send the defective part(s) in question.  Do not include all parts and/or accessories.  Credit/replacement will only be extended to the warranty part(s) in question.


Please contact the place of purchase directly for warranty consideration.  Fans and blowers are warrantied for 3 years (36 months) from the date of manufacture. 12V accessories are warrantied for 2 years (24 months) from the date of manufacture. Please be advised we do not mail hard copies of invoices.  Additional information regarding returns can be found in our Tech FAQ section.